Neo- Shaman, Psychic Medium and Solitary.. Ashley


He has showcased his Psychic and Mediumship connections

 on UK TV and at MBS events across the UK and the

From the age of 13 he has been following the guidance of 

his Grandparents in spirit whom were spirit mediums in life,

 he connects to an open spirituality and seeks to bring

guidance, insight, healing to others.

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  • Psychic / Mediumship / Mystic and Spiritual  
  • 30 minute appointments either in person or via email, skype, telephone 
  • Meditation Classes 
  • Workshops and Spiritual  Development courses.
  • Prayer and Spiritual Healing services via Moonlight Outreach 
  • Charity Fundraising 
  • Home/House blessings
  • Handfasting rituals
  • Partnership Blessings
  • Pagan Naming/ Wiccanings
  • Funeral Blessings
  • Spiritual and philosophical talks and sessions
  • Psychic evenings and events
  • Spiritual and Psychic Development whether one to one or in classes.
  • TV Appearances
  • Online Shop

Available 7 days a week from 10 am to 9 pm (GMT)

UK- 0203 633 3731

USA- 1 855 815 4818

Netherlands -  08520 80567

Skype - psychicashleys


I want to give you insight and guidance by faith and love but legally I must display the following.
This website and the services offered are done so out of my own  faith and belief.
Your are responsible for your own life choices.  Seek all help that is available from all professions.
Due to the spiritual nature of the services you need to say at the time of receiving a reading or service if you are unsatisfied to be entitled to a refund.
Psychic and Spirit communication is a religious belief and you accept that when taking part in our services or readings..
The services/ readings / sessions etc, are open to all and we do not discriminate against anyone, for their sexual preference, gender, race, social background etc I only ask that people who come to the group are open minded and respectful.

Psychic Ashley

British Psychic Medium

Gay Psychic Medium

London Psychic Medium

Pagan Minister

Psychic Ashley Summers